Warsenal Infinity Accessories Review


The entire order

The Infinity community has really been spoiled when it comes to licensed third party accessories for their games.  Initially, Micro Art Studio was their lone licensee, but as the game has continued to grow and breach $1MM in worldwide sales, so too has the expansion of their license.  Now, newcomers with the Infinity license are capitalizing on the foundation laid by Micro Art and introducing a great range of products to the market.  Enter Warsenal, presently the only US based accessory supplier of licensed Infinity accessories.

I’d heard a lot about Warsenal from the O-12 Podcast and from Kip Parcell directly.  When I was going to make my choice about which tokens to buy as a budding Infinity player, I went straight to google to see what other people thought about Warsenal.  Sadly, I had trouble finding much of anything!  So, because I know Kip wouldn’t steer me wrong, I placed an introductory order for me and my gaming group, and picked up a small sampling of their products to give the old once over.

The Products

Initially, we ordered a bit of a smattering of what Warsenal had to offer.  For this first tastes, we ordered nanoscreens, TO Camo Cutouts, two different sizes of the Warsenal Magnetic tokens, and acrylic counters from the Nomads and Ariadna factions.  You’ll also notice a nice little Warsenal vinyl sticker that came packaged in our order as well.

The items I was most excited to receive were the nanoscreens and TO Camo cutouts, and boy did they not dissapoint.  The acrylic on b12678542494_14754120e8_zoth is nice and thick (about 5mm) and they fit into their bases really easily.  The nanoscreens were, as a whole, more snug than the TO Camo cutouts, and I could have probably left them as they were without gluing.  The TO Camo cutouts did require gluing.  I was a bit wary of this at first, knowing how much clouding can affect transparent material.  With that in mind, I tried my Testors Plastic Glue first, and that didn’t work.  No surprise, really, as the material is acrylic.  I was a bit nervous about using my CY glue, but much to my surprise, I didn’t get any clouding at all.  Both markers, once stood up, look really great on the table.  As a nice surprise, you’ll notice that each of the bases also includes numbers on them, like the CV camo markers do.  I didn’t notice them when I ordered, so it was a nice little surprise when I put them together.  The TO camo markers are ideally sized, too, as you can see in the photo.  My Nomads are all on Secret Weapon Urban Streets bases, so I was a bit concerned there’d be a height problem, but there wasn’t at all.  They’re pretty much perfect stand ins.  Its nice, too, that in a pack of 5 that you get all unique sculpts for your markers.  It’s a little thing, but that diversity and thoughtfulness goes a long way.


Left to Right: 100% Leviathan Purple, 50/50 Leviathan Purple/Asurman Blue, 100% Asurman Blue

The nanoscreens also work really well, and are sized proportionately.  I actually messed around with a few of them, not sure if I wanted to keep them all clear, and it actually gave me some really happy results.  I got out some of my old GW washes (specifically Leviathan Purple and Asurman Blue) and played around with ‘tinting’ the nanoscreens.  I applied a fairly liberal wash to the whole of the nanoscreen, including the edges, adn then quickly wiped off any excess paint.  I was really, really pleased with the results.  After the wash and the wipe off, the nanoscreens were left slightly less transparent than when I got them, but it’s really hard to tell, and the ‘film’ that is left over can be removed with a damp cloth and some rubbing.  I also used the ink on the portion of the base that has the numbering, and it really helps the number stand out.

Top to Bottom: Nomads, Corregidor, Caledonian

Top to Bottom: Nomads, Corregidor, Caledonian

The acrylic counters we ordered included Nomads, the Nomad Corregidor Sectorial, and the Ariadna Caledonian Sectorial.  The tokens are all laser cut, and are listed on the website at 3mm thick.  I noticed that my Corregidor markers are actually about .5mm thicker than the rest of them, so a stack of 10 stands a hair over a full token higher than the others, but thats really just an observation, not a complaint.  The tokens look really slick, and on all of the ones we received the etching is clear and precise.  They’re easy to read on the tabletop, and add a nice touch to your army.   I personally use mine for regular orders, but they could be used for all sorts of things, from objectives to proxy stand-ins.  Warsenal offers a huge variety of the markers, for every faction or sectorial that exists.  They’ve also started to do limited run markers for new units that come out.  This has me hoping (in earnest) that they’ll have some Gecko markers coming out soon, too.

A selection of the Warsenal Magnetic markers

A selection of the Warsenal Magnetic markers

The last item we ordered, and the one I was most on the fence about, were the Magnetic Counters.  I’ve always been a big fan of the Micro Art Studio counters for two primary reasons: I think the art is great and they’re simple and acrylic.  The Warsenal Magnetic counters have some really great art, too, but sadly thats where the great stops for me.  The counters are, in short, buttons with magnets stuck on the underside.  This isn’t bad, in theory, as the magnetic draw was huge for me.  Being able to stack multiple status’ on a single model was a really appealing idea.  Unfortunately, for me they simply come up short in the execution.  The buttons look great from the top, they really do.  I love the art, perhaps even more so in some instances than the stock CB art.  But man, the tokens are THICK.  Significantly thick.  I thought I had taken a photo of it, but I sadly didn’t, but with the magnets, which stick out from the back of the button, the larger ones are nearly a half inch thick by themselves while the smaller ones are around a quarter inch thick.  For me, this was just a little too much girth for a gaming token.  Now, bear in mind that they’re not badly done; they aren’t.  I’m simply looking for something a little more svelt like the Micro Art acrylic counters.  If Warsenal can find a way to do the foil screened acrylic counters with their art, I’ll be all over them.  Until then, the magnetic counters are a miss for me.

The Service

I ordered from Warsenal on a Friday and received my order within 5 business days.  Everything was packaged well, and Warsenal threw in the nice vinyl sticker with the package.  I don’t exactly know what I’m going to do with the sticker, but it made me think that if Warsenal decided to do a patch I could stick on my Infinity Battlefoam Bag, I’d be all over it.  Included in the package was also my invoice, which, as a really nice touch, had a one line, hand written and personalized “thank you” from the Warsenal team.  It’s little touches that like that make me want to patronize a merchant.  So, from my experience so far, the service has been top notch. Quick delivery.  Personalization.  Well packed product.  Not a whole lot to complain about.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Warsenal acrylic products for most of your Infinity needs.  The nanoscreens, TO Markers, and Faction Tokens all exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to use them on the Infinity battlefield.  While the Magnetic Counters came up short for me, they’re by no means a bad or poorly executed product; they simply don’t fit my needs.  And that’s okay.  Corvus Belli, unlike many of our other miniatures game manufacturers, has given its customers the opportunity to shop a competetive market.  And that’s great for us, because the competition breeds innovative products like the ones Warsenal is giving us.

Highly Recommended