The Good, The Bad, & The Hungry – Adepticon 2014

It’s April again, and April in the wargaming world means one thing: Adepticon.  For many people, it’s become a yearly pilgrimage to their wargaming mecca.  From the Adepticon 40k Championships and Team Tournament to the entire Privateer Press Iron Arena room, Adepticon offers plenty of opportunities to roll dice and enjoy some adult beverages.  2014 was no exception.

The Good:

Dealer Hall: Optimized! – There was a whole lot of good this year at Adepticon, as is the case pretty much every year, but one thing really stood out: dealer space has finally been optimized.  Last year, the Dealer Hall was separate from the main hall in one of the auxiliary ballrooms.  While in theory this was a great idea, it ended up creating a really claustrophobic environment that had low visibility if you weren’t specifically headed there. Because of the small space, it was nearly impossible to traverse the hall while people were waiting in line for Forge World and the Black Library and all the goodies they bring.  For 2014, the primary dealer hall was moved back to the main event room where all the tournaments are held and the Forge World/Black Library booth was moved to the lobby of the Lombard Westin.  These small changes made browsing both the primary dealer hall and the FW/BL booth much more convenient.

Journey…to Awesome! – Within the dealer hall were a bunch of fantastic new products, highlighted for me by the unexpected appearance of Marrow Productions and their absolutely stunning game Journey: Wrath of Demons, which was Kickstarted in November.   Simply put, the production pieces for the game look incredible.  The production plastic is firm and holds detail very well, and while the difference between the production plastics and the resin models was noticeable, I think for the majority of gamers and painters it will be a non-issue.  The cardboard for the tiles (which I was informed may actually end up being thicker) was vibrant and will be easy to game on, and the spinner, which is integral to game play, is sturdy and functional.  Additionally, primary sculptor Ray Wong won third in the Crystal Brush sculpting competition for his very cool looking demon sculpt for Journey.

Sweet New Products – While Marrow stole the show, there was a ton of other cool stuff that made an appearance in the dealer hall.  Outlaw Miniatures was demoing Wild West Exodus and debuting some pre-release models, most notably the first two models in the Holy Order of Man line.  While I wasn’t completely sold on the initial art for the Holy Order, I must say the models themselves blew my mind.  I picked them up.   Soda Pop Miniatures was there showing off all the models from their Forgotten King Kickstarter project that is running until April 16 as well as some really great looking production models from the eagerly anticipated Relic Knights game.  They also had some copies of King Starfire for sale, so I snatched one up.   Battlefoam also debuted their Molle line of P.A.C.K bags that feature a pretty ingenious system of webbing that is styled after the kind used on most modern NATO military bags.  The webbing gives the bags an unprecedented level of customization for an army bag, and is one I’ll certainly pick up when I can next fit it in the budget.

Future Twisted Kickstarter – Demented Games was there previewing their upcoming boardgame Twisted.  Twisted, as I was explained, is a steampunk miniatures game that has some elements of magic and alchemy mixed in.  I know at first that description seems pretty generic, but the miniatures they had on display and the concept art book I thumbed through were pretty killer.  Additionally, I was told that not only would their world encompass the traditional steampunk Victorian England setting, it would also branch out to other cultures like the Egyptians.  Now, I have no idea what Egyptian Steampunk would look like, but based on what they had on display, I’m intrigued.

The Bad:

Where are Thou, Wyrd? – The absence of Wyrd Games continues to perplex me.  They were missing in 2013 and they were a no show again in 2014.  They’re absence was felt so heavily that I overheard the gentlemen running the Wyrd events ask some retailers in the dealer hall if they had any idea what was up with the company.  I’d have thought, with 2nd edition out now, Wyrd would have tons of reasons to be at the show.  Alas, they were missing again, and its becoming more and more noticeable.

Not As Young as I Once Was… –  This was my fifth consecutive year at Adepticon, and though I’m still relatively young, I found out pretty early Saturday that I can’t drink like I used.  While I did enjoy a few bourbons and beers after hours, I came to the hard realization that I simply can’t drink during the 40k Team Tournament like I’m in my twenties anymore.  Those 8AM Bloody Mary’s that seemed like a good idea?  Yeah, they weren’t.  So next year, during the team tournament, I think I’ll be sticking to beer and or maybe some red wine while I play, and avoiding the drinks that keep you from actually tasting the booze you’re consuming.

The Hungry:

I feel cheap doing this, but I’m just going to copy and paste my bit about the immortal Omega from last year.  The place is that good, people.

  1. It’s open 24-Hours and nothing quite hits the spot after a day of drinking and gaming like the Hobo Banquet Skillet.  Add some bacon to it, and damned if it isn’t nearly the perfect meal.
  2. It’s affordably priced.  You’re not going to spend more than $10 unless you try really, really hard.
  3. The portions are large enough for a gamer.  Almost everything comes with the option for face-sized pancakes as a side dish.  If you leave hungry, you did something wrong.
  4. The Westin Taxi will drive you there for nearly free.  You’ve got no excuse to go.


In addition to all the usual stuff for a GBH article, I have to add that I got to meet some really great dudes this year.  I got to actually meet a few fellas that I’ve chatted with online a ton, and had a ton of fantastic opponents during the 40k tournament, even in game 1 when we got our shit pushed in.  Adepticon really is a pretty sweet place populated with a lot of good people.  If you haven’t been before, you need to put it on the gaming bucket list.