Rivet Wars Christmas Truce Painting Contest

Happy Holidays to all! As Rivet Wars is one of my favorite games, I’ve been really keen on running some fun contests to help grow the community and, especially, to foster some of… Continue reading

Kaosball Review – A Little Rugby, A Little Powerball, A Lot of Fun

I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘sports based’ games, be it miniatures games or actual board games. Despite the rave reviews I’ve always heard about Games Workshop’s beloved Blood Bowl, I’ve never… Continue reading

Game Review – Zombie 15′ – A Timed Zombie Romp

If there’s any genre that has seen a recent oversaturation in the board gaming industry, it would have to be zombies. Starting, really, in 2005 with the Marvel Zombies phenomenon and hitting full… Continue reading

Gameplay Preview: Rum & Bones by CMoN

  I don’t typically do a ton of video gaming in general, and I do even less on the computer because we’ve never had one with much power.  Because of that, and because… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, & The Hungry – Adepticon 2014

It’s April again, and April in the wargaming world means one thing: Adepticon.  For many people, it’s become a yearly pilgrimage to their wargaming mecca.  From the Adepticon 40k Championships and Team Tournament to… Continue reading

Warsenal Infinity Accessories Review

The Infinity community has really been spoiled when it comes to licensed third party accessories for their games.  Initially, Micro Art Studio was their lone licensee, but as the game has continued to… Continue reading

[Game Review] Rivet Wars – CMoN/SuperRobotPunch

I love Real Time Strategy games.  I cut my teeth on Command & Conquer and the original Warcraft games, and then moved into the juggernaut that is Starcraft when I was a teenager.… Continue reading

[Review] The Unremembered Empire – Dan Abnett

With a saga as large and far reaching at the Horus Heresy, a tale stretching over 30 books & novellas and countless more short stories, there will inevitably come a point when the… Continue reading

[Review] Vulkan Lives – Nick Kyme

One of the long standing mysteries associated with the Horus Heresy has been the aftermath of Dropsite Massacre, or more specifically the fates of Corax and Vulkan, the two primarchs betrayed on the… Continue reading

[Review] The Warcaster Chronicles: The Way of Caine – Miles Holmes

Privateer Press has always had a relatively robust world, Immoren, in which their skirmish games Warmachine & Hordes exist.  In the past, the development of that background and the fleshing out of its… Continue reading